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FloimOhr is a semi-professional recording studio located in Biel, Switzerland, best suited to acoustic music and small ensembles, from classical music to jazz. Music is my passion, and I look forward to making a big sound in an intimate setting, whether it's for a demo, a website or just for your ears.
  • Professional monitoring with high-end Adam A7X speakers

  • Cosy, acoustically-treated room

  • Electroacoustic guitar Yamaha CPX600

  • Electric guitar PRS SE Tremonti

  • Electronic piano Yamaha CLP-585, with high quality sample libraries (Yamaha CFX Grand Piano, Electric 200,...)

  • Upright piano Sauter Carus 112

  • Neumann TLM103 / TLM102 for vocals / instruments

  • Antelope Audio Edge Solo and Verge for vocals

  • Studio projects C4 for plucked strings / percussion

  • Røde NT-2A for ambiance / instruments / vocals

  • Shure SM57 / SansAmp GT2 for electric guitar


  • Bring your own stuff!

  • I'm always interested in acquiring new equipment:

Thanks for your idea!

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