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An overview of what I do

From podcast storytelling, to plugin development, to acoustic music, take a glimpse at a few of my projects.

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Il existe en chacune et chacun, un continent qui reste à découvrir ; le continent intérieur. Comme le nouveau monde avant l'arrivée des conquistadors, il regorge de richesses, de dangers, de découvertes et d’espèces inconnues. Dès lors qu’on entreprend ce voyage, on peut l’aborder avec différentes attitudes et nous avons choisi de l’aborder en observateurs libres et en négociateurs intérieurs.


Over the years, I have collaborated several times with the French soprano Roxane Choux on a variety of projects ranging from musical, to improvisation, to an almost psychedelic revisit of a Poulenc aria.

Take a look !

Stereo image plugin

Make an instrument sound bigger, open up a monophonic sound or achieve a special stereo width.


00:00 / 00:15

With plugin

00:00 / 00:15

Note how the electric guitar stands out and adds "life" to the mix.

Reverb plugin

Calculate a realistic pre-delay based on the physical dimensions of the room and the positions of listener / instrument, then apply it before your reverb processor.

0'00"-0'10" : Bypass

0'10"-0'20" : With plugin

00:00 / 00:20

Note how it is easier to position the instruments (guitar: left; piano: right; drums: slightly right) and the ensemble feels more like a "virtual stage".

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